Incredible encounters in Mecklenburg

Sitting in a café, watching the hustle and bustle of the city, you’re dreaming of somewhere quiet and peaceful surrounded by nature. Cruise through Mecklenburg with Locaboat and take time to enjoy new experiences through this incredible boating holidays destination.


Try something different


Don’t let them off the hook!

The clear waters of the Mecklenburg Lakes are a paradise for anglers. There’s only one thing you need: get yourself a Tourist Fishing Permit – from the local tourist office, for example. Once that’s in your pocket, it’s your passport to all the joys of fishing. But just because you’ve spotted a few carp, trout or eels, they’re not in the net yet! Patience is your best friend – and whether they’re biting or not, at least you’ve had the chance to gaze across the region’s beautiful lakes…

Watch the birdies!

On board your Pénichette®, cruising across Lake Müritz from Fleesensee, the second largest lake in Germany, it won’t be long before you discover ornithological gems that every bird watcher wants to see. Surrounded by beech forests and marshes, the lakes offer the ideal habitat for the most beautiful birds, including some really rare ones. You might be lucky enough to see a white-tailed sea eagle, an osprey or even a crane. If you go further west, the Plauer See is also home to some wonderful birdlife, with over 100 different species to spot.

Real live teddy bears

The Müritz bear sanctuary in the Mecklenburg Lake District is a paradise for bears, with 16 hectares of unspoilt forest that has been turned into a bear heaven! Quite often, these animals have been rescued from cruel captivity. You can watch them as they go about their daily lives – being careful never to disturb them. You might see a bear enjoying a long swim in the lake while the cubs scamper about between the trees. You can also admire the skilful and controlled way they have built their dens.


1000 lakes served up on a plateau


A different kind of heritage

Another reason for the diversity of Mecklenburg’s wildlife is the very distinctive character of these lakeland areas that lie alongside canals running from the north to the west of Germany. Between Fleesensee and Fürstenberg, the hallmarks of this lakeland setting are the fine architecture and charming villages but also, of course, an outstandingly rich natural heritage. The region attracts adventurers looking for something new, as well as visitors who want to enjoy a completely relaxing break.

Royal rendezvous in the park

Schwerin Palace near Fleesensee, with its five buildings, almost seems to be floating… But its unique charm is also due to the superb baroque gardens laid out in the heart of the beautiful grounds that surround this splendid palace. Stroll along the avenues of lime trees, visit the rear of the building and admire some truly spectacular sculptures. Then climb to the top of the palace to gaze down on this natural scene and its surrounding lakes. The view is like a rainbow of multicoloured flowers, green lawns and blue stretches of water.

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