Cruises in Burgundy Nivernais & Loire

The Loire and the canals of western Burgundy form a superb network for boating holidays in France.

Fascinating towns, such as Nevers, Sancerre, Paray-le-Monial, Roanne and Digoin, have a wealth of art and history for you to discover during your canal cruise. Don’t miss the famous Digoin and Briare aqueducts which attract thousands of visitors every year. You will also rejoice in excellent local produce, beautiful vineyards, renowned gastronomy and some excellent restaurants, such as the 'Troisgros' brothers in Roanne.

Historic villages appear as you travel along, from Sancerre towards Apremont-sur-Allier, where you can visit an amazing floral park. Explore Nevers and the rich heritage of its Dukes. Your barging holiday hhas only just begun.



Loire & LoingStart base: BRIARE

Canal cruise in Burgundy : loire and loing

Canal de Briare, du Loing, Latéral à la Loire

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Loire & NivernaisStart base: DOMPIERRE-SUR-BESBRE

Canal cruise in Burgundy : loire and nivernais

Canal Latéral à la Loire, du Nivernais, du Centre, de Roanne à Digoin

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Burgundy - Yonne - Nivernais Start bases: JOIGNY, MONTBARD

Canal cruise in Burgundy : burgundy, yonne and nivernais

Canal de Bourgogne, du Nivernais, Yonne, Seine

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Nivernais Start bases: JOIGNY, CORBIGNY

Canal cruise in Burgundy : nivernais

Canal du Nivernais

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Things to see in Burgundy, Loire & Nivernais

  • The Abbey of Fontenay

    Fontenay Abbey - cruising in Burgundy, FranceThe Abbey of Fontenay is situated close to the Locaboat base in Montbard. It is one of the most beautiful and best conserved amongst all Cistercian abbeys. Founded by Bernard de Clairvaux in 1119, it was active until 1791. Since 1981, it is part of the UNESCO World heritage. A "must see" during your cruise on the canal system of Burgundy.

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  • The heritage

    The Burgundian heritage: Auxerre, France

    Burgundy is attractive because of its amazing history and its wine. Discover all the beauty of the Burgundy area in France during your canal cruise.

    Find in this news some great ideas of cities and castles to visit during your cruise.


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  • The canal bridges of Briare and Digoin

    The Briare canal bridge boat in BurgundyBuilt between 1890 and 1896, the canal bridge of Briare spans the Loire with a length of 662 meters. That was the world record for the longest metallic canal bridge until it was taken by the canal bridge in Magdeburg (Germany).

    The name of Gustave Eiffel is still associated with the canal bridge in Briare.

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