How to moor your boat successfully?

Mooring a boat successfully is the key to a perfect cruise. Here are a few tips for a smooth mooring of your licence-free Pénichette®

6 easy steps to mooring


Choose the right place: On canals and rivers, we advise a fixed mooring point or a marina for your stops. “Wild” mooring along the banks is allowed on canals. When it comes to choosing a location, all you have to do is follow your heart and the indications in the river guide.

Have ‘clear’ mooring lines: Your manoeuvre should be prepared right from the previous one. Make sure your ropes are well stowed and free of knots when you cast off. This will ease your next mooring and prevent the ropes from getting caught in the propellers.

Anticipate the weather: Before mooring your boat, take the weather conditions into account. Will it be windy? A strong current? You’ll need to adapt your manoeuvre accordingly. The banks and pontoons can also be slippery in the rain, so make sure you wear good shoes.

Approach the dock slowly and carefully: Adjusting your speed is one of the keys to a successful mooring. The slower you arrive, the easier and more precise your manoeuvre will be.

Tie your boat securely: Use figure-of-eight knots to tie your boat securely to the dock at several points. Make sure the knots are tight and secure.

Be aware of other boats: Make sure you don’t block the path of other boats by choosing your mooring position wisely. The harbour master’s office will be able to tell you the best place to moor, depending on the size of your Pénichette®.




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