Discover Burgundy at harvest time!

In Burgundy, harvesting the whites generally gets under way at the end of August with the reds starting around 7 September.

Not only is the harvest in full swing, but the Burgundy vineyards, often reaching to the horizon and beyond, are lovely to look at. From the Côte de Beaune, through the Beaujolais region and around Mâcon, you see rows and rows of immaculately kept vines creating a changing pattern of glorious colours as summer turns to autumn.

During boating holidays in Burgundy, tourism and wine-tasting go together perfectly. And there are lots of ways to enjoy it: you can follow wine routes or pathways through the vines, admire the landscapes, visit wine-growing villages, meet the people who know their trade and taste their wines.

Starting from Scey-sur-Saône, you can easily discover the vineyards around Chagny or Santenay aboard your canal boatThe Domaine de la Folie in Chagny, for example, perched at the northern end of the Côte Chalonnaise, offers an exceptional panoramic view over the local vine-covered slopes. Visits and tasting are organised seven days a week, and at aperitif-time, the twice-daily VINOAPERO formula (11:00 and 18:00) is the moment for gastronomes, and everyone who enjoys the good things in life, to taste a selection of local delicacies accompanied by the Domaine’s local Rully wines and liqueurs.

In Santenay, visiting the Maison Prosper Maufoux gives you the chance to stroll among the vines, enjoy the tasting and have lunch among the barrels in the magnificent vaulted cellars.  There you can enjoy the domain’s pride and joy – a selection of old vintages from select Côtes de Beaune or Côtes de Nuits.

If you love nature as well as wine, be sure to explore the countryside. There are plenty of long country walks and visits to enjoy throughout Burgundy. There’s plenty to see and discover in the villages of Irancy and Coulanges-la-Vineuse, and all accessible on foot. Around Mâcon, don’t miss the chance to explore the villages in the Lamartinien valley.

And if you want to follow up or get started on your Burgundy experience, then try to see the movie: “Premier Crus”, which recounts the life of a traditional Burgundy family!

Have a great time in Burgundy!

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