Canal du Midi boat hire & cruising holiday

Pick up a self-drive barge, and discover the Canal du Midi, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Etang de Thau and its fantastic oyster beds, and the heart of the Camargue, a unique wild-life wonder of France.

Whichever barge trip you choose, you will travel through some exceptional cities. The area around Carcassonne, with its towers and battlements, gives a real feel of the south, with fortified towns of white stone and historic villages like Trèbes and Puicheric. Medieval villages, Roman churches (Baraigne and Cazalrenoux), abbeys (St Papoul) and isolated monasteries can all be visited from your canal boat.

Narbonne, the former Roman town of Gaulle, Béziers and its cathedral, Saintes Maries de la Mer, and the magnificent Saint Gilles abbey, form just the start of your boating holidays.


map for your canal du midi boat holidays


Midi Minervois Start base: ARGENS

Boating holidays in Midi Minervois

Canal du Midi, Etang de Thau

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CamargueStart base: LATTES

Boating holidays in Camargue

Canal du Rhône à Sète, le Lez, Etang de Thau, Canal du Midi, Petit Rhône

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Midi Lauragais Start base: NÉGRA, BRAM

Canal cruise in Midi Lauragais

Canal du Midi, Canal latéral à la Garonne

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Things to see in Midi & Camargue

  • The venom stone on the canal du midi

    Have you heard about the venom stone ?

    The venom stoneThe venom stone or variolite is a stone covered of stains that recall the symptoms of smallpox. This stone comes from the Durance river, travels along the Rhone and lands on the beach of Maguelone. If you start your cruise from Lattes on the Canal du Midi, go towards the Thau lagoon and stop after the bridge to try to find this very rare stone.

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  • Minervois vineyard

    Discover the gorgeous french wine from the south of FranceDon't miss the Minervois vineyard during your cruise on the Canal du Midi. Clinging to the lower slopes of the Black Mountain, the Minervois is recognized as an AOC since 1985. Stretching about 50 kilometres from east to west and around 30 from north to south, the climate gradually changes from oceanic to typically Mediterranean. The altitude can vary from 50 metres by the banks of the Canal du Midi and Aude river to over 500 metres on the lower mountainsides.

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  • Bouzigues oysters

    The village of Bouzigues is the cradle of the oyster farming on Etang de Thau since 1925. Today, the annual production of oysters amounts to 12 000 tons in Etang de Thau. The local oyster is a hollow oyster appreciated (estimated) by the connoisseurs everywhere in Europe. It has a very iodized, characteristic taste. Do not miss the oyster fair in Bouzigues the second weekend of August every year. Discover the Museum of Etang de Thau during your cruise, located on the fishing port of Bouzigues.

  • City of Carcassonne

    Sunset over the city of Carcassonne, southern FranceDiscover the city of Carcassonne during your cruise on the Canal du Midi. The Medieval city, on the right bank of the Aude, is part of the UNESCO world heritage. It is a unique medieval ensemble in Europe due to its size and its state of preservation. Its history is marked by 2000 years of conquests, the imprint of the Catharism and the crusades.

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  • La Petite Camargue

    Colorful boat in the Camargue, southern FranceCruising the Canal du Rhône à Sète from Lattes towards Aigues Mortes, you enter the wild and seductive landscape of the “Petite Camargue”.

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