The Masurian Lakes

Boat and yacht in PolandThe Masurian Lakes region of Poland comprises over 2,000 lakes, as well as huge forests and historic towns. The region is home to the largest lake in Poland, Sniardwy (or Spirdingsee in German), as well as little lakeside resort towns, such as Gizycko, Mikolajki, Elk, Wegorzewo, Ryn, Pisz and Ilawa.

In addition to the lakes, the Masurian Region also has many rivers which will delight any angler.

And as for the forests, you will find a great number of trails in Masuria that are ideal for hiking and cycling. There is also a wonderful range of wildlife, edible berries and mushrooms, not to mention vast protected areas within the Masurian Landscape Park, which includes 11 nature reserves, such as Luknajo Lake, which has been designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.



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