From capital to countryside, navigating Ireland’s Grand Canal

A gateway to the Emerald Isle, the Grand Canal is the perfect way to explore everything Ireland has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic waterway including how to get [...]

Discover the Emerald isle on an Enniskillen boat trip

When it comes to iconic riverways, most of us are fully aware of the River Shannon in Ireland, yet when it comes to its equally renowned cousin, the River Erne, not so much. Joining together [...]

Take to the waters on a Clonmacnoise boat trip

Christianity and Ireland have long been interchangeable throughout much of the country’s history. Considered to be one of the first northwestern European nations to embrace the religion, its [...]

Escape to the idyllic waters on a Killaloe boat trip

The River Shannon is the very artery of the Irish nation, winding through the heart of the country; Shannon cruises are the perfect way of experiencing both rural and urban Ireland. Though there [...]

Travelling along the Shannon Erne waterway

The River Shannon is so closely linked with the identity of Ireland that it is almost interchangeable with the nation itself. Running through the island from coast to its source, Shannon boat [...]

Boating on lough Erne, exploring Northern Ireland

Where is Lough Erne? Lough Erne is the name of two connecting lakes in Northern Ireland’s Irish County Fermanagh. It’s the second biggest lake system in Northern Ireland and Ulster and the fourth [...]

Exploring the Irish heartlands of Lough Ree

Where is Lough Ree? Lough Ree stands at the geographical centre of Ireland in a region known as the Irish midlands. Straddling the border between two Irish counties, County Longford and County [...]

Boating through the heart of Ireland on Lough Derg

If you’re looking for a good excuse to explore Ireland from its majestic waterways, you can’t go wrong with Lough Derg . Full of history, culture and plenty of picturesque sites, here’s what you [...]

Boating on the idyllic Irish lake of Lough Allen

Where can you find the beautiful Lough Allen? Lough Allen is an Irish lake, lying in the northwestern province of Connacht. Most of the lake is part of County Leitrim, with a much smaller part [...]

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